Digital Strategy & Marketing Plan

Components of a Digital Strategy & Marketing Plan you receive


SWOT Analysis of your current digital strategy

I assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of your current digital marketing strategy to come up with a new digital strategy.


Segmentation of target audience into clear buyer personas

Not all your customers have identical needs, thus same brand messaging will not work not everyone in your target audience. After discussing with you, I will segment your audience into clear distinct buyers' personas (customer profile) so you can craft a distinct marketing message for each Buyer persona.


​Sales funnel ideation & recommendations

Each of your prospect passes through Awareness, Consideration & Decision Stage before becoming a customer. These three stages constitute your sales funnel and I plan relevant content ideas for each stage for every buyer persona to make a purchase breeze.


Conversion Optimized Website Plan

A new website visitor should be able to understand what your business does and find relevant product/service information to make a buying decision. I plan such websites for generating leads and sales.


Social Media Plan

I identify the right social media for your business presence, best time to post based on past data and develop a social media calendar for you with list of activities to engage your audience and generate interest in your product and services.


Facebook Advertising Strategies

I will share Facebook Advertising strategies to generate leads and sales for your business. You or your team will have to implement the ads strategies to get results.


AdWords Advertising Strategies

I will provide a list of conversion optimized keywords for google search campaigns couples with remarketing campaign ideas for display, mobile and youTube video advertising.


Email Marketing plan

I will Provide list segmentation strategies and a list of email campaign ideas tailored for your business. 


SEO Strategies

I will give a list of content ideas specific to your business for SEO along with On-page and off-page SEO strategies to focus on.


2 Detailed Marketing Campaign Plans

I will develop 2 detailed marketing campaigns custom tailored for your business that you can implement right away. 

How Does It Work

It is a 5 Step Process


You Send Me inquiry with details


We Discuss Your Project Over
Phone, Skype or WhatsApp


I prepare your digital strategy and marketing plan 


your review the plan and make suggestions


I deliver the final digital strategy and marketing with appropriate changes