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Facebook Marketing for Dummies : 6 benefits of marketing on facebook for business

To understand the importance of Facebook Marketing for businesses, let first see what researches show about Facebook user statistics.

According to Pew Research Center( 2015), 72% of the adult population use Facebook to connect with friends and family.We all like to hang out, chat and share pictures on Facebook, but that’s not all.


Smart business leaders are using Facebook to develop customer relationship and fan following to create trustworthy online business brands. More than 30 million businesses now have Facebook Business Page.

Facebook advertising offers classic advertising ads that you can use for the various objective like driving traffic to your website to generating business leads to inviting people to attend your events etc.

If you have yet not started using Facebook for business, here is a Facebook for the dummies guide to explain why you need to.

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

1. You can increase website traffic with Facebook Marketing

Every business leader wants to inform potential buyers about his products and services online to get leads from website, but many fail simply because they lack traffic on their website. In fact, 47% marketers struggle to get leads because of low to No website traffic.

But You can accomplish your plan to promote business with Facebook marketing.

63% of Facebook and Twitter users say each platform serves as a source for news about events and issues outside the realm of friends and family. (Pew Research Center, 2015) You can introduce this audience to your business happenings with Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Advertising Statistics and Trends Infographic-Facebook Marketing for dummies

Keep posting regular relevant content to engage your audience and convert them as fan followers. You can direct this engaged audience to your website with blog articles, videos, infographics and other content posted on Facebook.

To increase post reach, you can use Facebook Advertising with ‘Website Traffic’ as objective and drive right people to your website with laser targeting options.

2. Facebook Marketing improves Website SEO

Who doesn’t want to rank on the first page of google? As per an estimate, 1 million blog posts are published on the internet each day. With This level of competition, ranking on google has turned Herculean task.

Google’s new algorithm favors fresh content with social proof.


When your audience likes your content on Facebook, it signals google that the Content is worth reading and improves its search engine ranking. The formula is simple more post like better google ranking.

3. Promote an event and engage participants with Facebook Marketing:

Event marketing is a tried and tested marketing strategy to drive interested prospects. You can organize Events to achieve diverse marketing objectives.


The starting point of any Event organization is an invitation. Can you think of a better time and way to invite people to your events than when they are getting social with friends and family on Facebook? I can’t.

Facebook offers the ability to create and promote events to business pages. You can create events with all the relevant details like timing, agenda, venue etc and invite people by posting it on your page wall.

With Facebook advertising, you can laser target who do you actually want to invite to your event. You can keep reminding people who accepted your invitation to attend events and make it a success.

4. Use Facebook Marketing for Reputation Management

83% Consumers say that online reviews influence their perception about companies. (Source: As a business leader, you would understand that things don’t always go as you expect in business. Sometimes bad news even rumors blackens your business image. In all these cases you need reputation management to nullify negative publicity.

These days before going to search for your contact details on your website, customers approach Facebook to contact you first. In fact, Facebook continues to have the most engaged users — 70% log on daily, including 43% who do so several times a day. (Pew Research Center, 2015) (Source: Hub spot) If you solve their problem on Facebook itself, it not only prevents negative words of mouth but builds customers trust in your brand as well.


Whenever a negative news surrounds your business, use Facebook as a powerful reputation management platform to tell your side of the story and clarify it.

Agorapulse and mention like social media marketing tools are effective to monitor social media presence and manage it.

5. Use Facebook for Talent Acquisition

Finding competent workforce is a challenge for all business concerns. Despite time and money investment, organizations suffer from a lack of business talent.


56% recruiters claim to find the right talents as their biggest recruitment challenge. The chief reason for this being:

  1. A potential job seeker doesn’t know about opening in your organization.
  2. They are skeptical about your work culture.

You can solve both these problems and get competent employees for business on Facebook. As per Hubspot Survey 2016, 73% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes.

Facebook Advertising offers job relevant targeting option like job title, work industry, education profile etc to reach right candidates for recruitment.

By sharing your business activities, festivals and other celebration images on Facebook, you can disarm the skeptical concerns of candidates about work culture and attract talent in your organization.

6. Scale Your Marketing Campaigns with Facebook Marketing:

When you market your products and services with traditional media like Newspaper, Radio, Billboard etc. you have relied on your business instinct to decide advertisement effectiveness.

You face challenges to judge whether your audience liked and derived value from your marketing efforts with traditional marketing media.

While on Facebook you get feedback on each and every post (marketing communication) in form of like. The post which gets more like obviously has more potential to attract customers than other posts.

With Facebook Advertising spending a small budget, you can get feedback on multiple advertisement ideas, choose the winner and improve your marketing ROI.

For example, suppose you are a starting a restaurant and want to invite people to the inauguration. You have decided to spend $100 for its promotion. By investing $5 each on 3-4 invitation ideas, you can test which invitation idea works best and spend the remaining $80 budget on winner idea.

This kind of A/B testing is difficult with traditional marketing media.


Facebook is a marvelous marketing platform for businesses that you can use to accomplish diverse objectives likes reputation management to brand building to recruitment etc.

Being the largest social media platform with 1.18 billion daily active users on average for September 2016, Facebook is an opportunity for all Business whether a single store or multinational.

Facebook for dummies guide illustrate some ways you can use Facebook for business and use the platform to its full potential.

You must be thinking–the big question is not why, but how to use Facebook for business as a marketing strategy.

Let me know how do you use Facebook for business?

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