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3 Deadliest Facebook Marketing Mistakes by Entrepreneurs that destroy businesses

Facebook marketing mistakes by entrepreneurs

Are you a modern Entrepreneur promoting business on Facebook, but Not getting results from it?

Then this Blog post is for you.

Today we will discuss 3 deadliest Facebook marketing mistakes by entrepreneurs which distort their followers’ experience and prevent them from getting business results on Facebook.

In the past 10 years, Facebook has emerged as the medium of choice for business marketing. Many businesses swear on the success of Facebook for business marketing, while many others fail because of common Facebook marketing mistakes.

Deadliest Facebook Marketing Mistakes by Entrepreneurs

Facebook Marketing Mistake--Spamming your followers

1. Spamming Your Followers

The number 1 mistake behind the Facebook failure is spamming your followers.

Spamming in simple words mean creating more posts than your followers can digest, creating more posts than your followers expect from you.

Spamming followers is a common mistake among businesses using Facebook for marketing for the first time.

In their enthusiasm of generating quick business results, they create dozen of posts each day, thinking that every post will remind followers their products and services.

Although making business sense this is a big mistake.


Because people use Facebook to get connected with friends and family, not to view to your buy my product posts.

Stop Spam

When Facebook users receive many posts from the same business, they start getting embarrassed and unfollow the business even though they appreciate it.

As an entrepreneur, I am sure, you won’t like it.

It’s like listening to the same song again and again, even though the song might be your favorite, you get irritated listening to it a couple of times.

Pixabay listen music

The solution is to create fewer, but quality posts.

But the question is how many posts should you create?

It will vary from business to business and from industry to industry, but to begin with 2-3 posts in a week seems to be a good start to me.

Facebook Marketing Mistakes-Self-Promotion-All-the-time

Self-Promotion All the Time

The second deadliest mistake is closely related to the first one. While spamming your followers is a bad idea, creating only self-promotional posts is neither a good one.

I see both experienced and new businesses on Facebook make this mistake of creating posts that only talk about buying their products.

To understand how it impacts followers, let’s Imagine that you visit a business page on Facebook and see only posts talking about buying products, you instantly understand this is not the page you want to follow on Facebook. Why should anyone spend time viewing only advertisements other than the entrepreneur who is creating them.

Buy my products

While as a business, you should definitely create posts on facebook to market your products and services, but they shouldn’t be the only type of post your followers view on Facebook.

Remember Facebook is the place to hang out with friends, to be entertained, to be informed. If you can make a post that entertains your followers, tell them something interesting, add value to their lives, while also aligning with your business services, you can generate more business than posts that only talk about buying your products.

Let’s take an example of two hair stylists:

one exclusively creates posts on different types of hairstyle that he offers and beg his followers to visit his salon to get a hair cut. The only marketing tactic he uses is offering a discount to his FB followers.

Hair Stylist

Blond bearded barder makes fade on man’s hair attentively

While the other stylist share posts relating modern trends in hair styling, suitable hairstyle for different face-cut, hair care tips, fashion and style videos to build followers trust and then offer his customized hair solutions.

What do you think, who will get more business from facebook?

Of course the second hair stylist. Because he is not only creating self-promotional posts but also share valuable content to entertain his followers. He is building followers trust on the way to market his services.

The take away idea is to create entertaining, informational content that your audience appreciates besides direct sales ads.

Facebook Marketing Mistake-Not engaging with followers

3. Not Engaging with Followers

The third deadliest mistake that distorts your followers’ experience is not engaging with them, not replying to their comments and queries.

On Facebook users daily see hundreds of posts, of which they like a few dozens and comment on only posts that move them emotionally. If your post is among those few, consider yourself lucky and reply to the commenters who took interest to write a few words about your post in this lazy world.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t appreciate the value of comments and the potential to turn those comments into sales.

They only use Facebook as a publishing platform to tell their business story, ignoring all comments on their Facebook pages. This is a big mistake.

These days customers consider Facebook as the first point of contact for businesses. Before visiting your website for customer support, they turn to Facebook to resolve their queries.

But when customers don’t find a reply to their comments and queries, it disappoints them and evokes negative feeling towards your business.

Imagine you don’t reply to morning wishes to anyone for a whole week; when somebody says good morning, you stay quiet. What do you think; how long will it take to stop getting these wishes? Not longer.

A dissatisfied follower on Facebook is more dangerous than an angry bull.

Don’t just use Facebook as a publishing platform, where all you do is publish new posts without getting engaged.

Take the conversation two way to engage your followers and I am sure you will get its benefit in business. Even if you get hundreds of comments each day, replying to each comment is important.

If you don’t get sparing time to reply to comments, hire somebody to do this. Remember businesses run on relationship and Facebook gives this amazing opportunity to take them online. Don’t hesitate to invest in building relationships on Facebook.


To summarize spamming your followers, only creating self-promotional posts and not engaging with followers are 3 common but deadliest mistakes by entrepreneurs which distort their followers’ experience and prevent them from getting business results on Facebook.

The takeaway is to create the positive delighting experience for your followers to build long lasting relationships on Facebook.


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Thank you.

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