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How to increase Facebook Page likes free: 3 simple tricks that will actually work

ways to increase likes on Facebook fan page
Do you have a business page on Facebook, but not enough page likes to build customer trust. Then continue reading… Today, we will discuss three simple yet effective methods to increase page like on your business page. In the digital era, marketing channels have changed from newspaper and tv to Facebook and Youtube. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, I am sure you must have created your business page on Facebook But the problem is you don’t have enough page likes on your page. At this point, some entrepreneurs may question, “why page like is important?” So before discussing the methods to get more fan followers, let’s check how page likes are like digital currency on Facebook. The importance of page likes is two-way. 1. A business page with more page like will generally reach more followers. That means more visibility at a lesser cost. Its formula is simple, higher the number of page likes on a page, more people get to view its post on Facebook. 2. More followers also mean more trust on your business brand. Let’s understand this with an example. You are looking for a service in your city on facebook. You come across two service providers whom you have never heard of before. Business A has 5000-page likes while Business B has 20,000 like. Take a little time and think which business you would trust more Business A or B? I am sure most will vote for Business B because it has more page likes; in other words, more people trust Business B. So there are obvious benefits of having more page like on your business page. without wasting any further time to create a background; let’s start.

3 Strategies on How to increase Facebook Page likes free

1. Invite people manually to like your page:

I know this is obvious, but many people hesitate to do so thinking what will my friends think about me; they worry about self-promotion and all that stuff, I know you must be familiar with. I just want to say that if you don’t do it, who will. Definitely, you should not be too self-promotional on your business page, but let’s be clear–You are starting your business page from zero and has to take responsibility to increase its follower and the first individuals who will be interested in your business and growth are your friends and family only. So go to your business page, click the three dots below your cover photo. it will open a menu with options, choose invite friend option. A dialog box will open. At the top right,  you can see a message box icon that you can use to send your personal message with invitation request. Write something about why people should like this page, what kind of post they will see on your page, and how will it benefit them? Below message icon, you can see a list of your friends with the option to invite them, click invite button one after another, this send your friends a notification on Facebook to like your page with your message. At the bottom, you also get the option to send the invitation by messenger, tick the button and now your friends will get a personal message from you on their Facebook Messenger to like your page. After you have invited your friends, you can close the dialogue box.

2. Invite Engaged users who like your post:

This is a secret gem to increase followers on Facebook. When somebody likes your posts on facebook, facebook gives the option to invite them to like your post. But you have to do it manually. Keep one thing in mind that this method works only on desktop and laptops, but not on mobile. Let’s go to my computer to see how it works. Login as admin of your Facebook page and visit your business page, go to the latest post and click on links to view users who liked it your post. Here you will see the option to invite them to like your page. Click on the Invite button to invite users. Remember to go slow with this method otherwise, Facebook will block you to invite users by this method. Generally, 50 to 100 invitation in a day will be good to go. For this demo, we have used the latest post, but the method works equally well for any post on your page.  

3. Use Facebook page link in Business Communication–Both Print & Digital

Whether it be emails, website, hoarding, newspaper or Radio ad, use your Facebook page link in all your business communication. Although being simple, this method produces remarkable results. Why? Because even your loyal customers will not actively search for your business page on Facebook, they use Facebook to get connected with their friends and family. If they come across your business page on Facebook, they would like it, but won’t go overboard to specifically search for it. When you use page link in all your communication, you increase chances that your customers will notice it and be connected with your business on Facebook.


To summarize, increasing fan followers on Facebook requires times and resources, but worth the efforts. Inviting your friends, engaged users who like your post and using page link in all business communication are three simple, but effective methods to increase fan followers. Share your Facebook marketing experience with me in the comment below. read more
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3 Deadliest Facebook Marketing Mistakes by Entrepreneurs that destroy businesses

Facebook marketing mistakes by entrepreneurs
Facebook Marketing Mistake--Spamming your followers
Are you a modern Entrepreneur promoting business on Facebook, but Not getting results from it? Then this Blog post is for you. Today we will discuss 3 deadliest Facebook marketing mistakes by entrepreneurs which distort their followers’ experience and prevent them from getting business results on Facebook. In the past 10 years, Facebook has emerged as the medium of choice for business marketing. Many businesses swear on the success of Facebook for business marketing, while many others fail because of common Facebook marketing mistakes.

Deadliest Facebook Marketing Mistakes by Entrepreneurs

1. Spamming Your Followers

The number 1 mistake behind the Facebook failure is spamming your followers. Spamming in simple words mean creating more posts than your followers can digest, creating more posts than your followers expect from you. Spamming followers is a common mistake among businesses using Facebook for marketing for the first time. In their enthusiasm of generating quick business results, they create dozen of posts each day, thinking that every post will remind followers their products and services. Although making business sense this is a big mistake. Why? Because people use Facebook to get connected with friends and family, not to view to your buy my product posts. When Facebook users receive many posts from the same business, they start getting embarrassed and unfollow the business even though they appreciate it. As an entrepreneur, I am sure, you won’t like it. It’s like listening to the same song again and again, even though the song might be your favorite, you get irritated listening to it a couple of times. The solution is to create fewer, but quality posts. But the question is how many posts should you create? It will vary from business to business and from industry to industry, but to begin with 2-3 posts in a week seems to be a good start to me.

Self-Promotion All the Time

The second deadliest mistake is closely related to the first one. While spamming your followers is a bad idea, creating only self-promotional posts is neither a good one. I see both experienced and new businesses on Facebook make this mistake of creating posts that only talk about buying their products. To understand how it impacts followers, let’s Imagine that you visit a business page on Facebook and see only posts talking about buying products, you instantly understand this is not the page you want to follow on Facebook. Why should anyone spend time viewing only advertisements other than the entrepreneur who is creating them. While as a business, you should definitely create posts on facebook to market your products and services, but they shouldn’t be the only type of post your followers view on Facebook. Remember Facebook is the place to hang out with friends, to be entertained, to be informed. If you can make a post that entertains your followers, tell them something interesting, add value to their lives, while also aligning with your business services, you can generate more business than posts that only talk about buying your products. Let’s take an example of two hair stylists: one exclusively creates posts on different types of hairstyle that he offers and beg his followers to visit his salon to get a hair cut. The only marketing tactic he uses is offering a discount to his FB followers. While the other stylist share posts relating modern trends in hair styling, suitable hairstyle for different face-cut, hair care tips, fashion and style videos to build followers trust and then offer his customized hair solutions. What do you think, who will get more business from facebook? Of course the second hair stylist. Because he is not only creating self-promotional posts but also share valuable content to entertain his followers. He is building followers trust on the way to market his services. The take away idea is to create entertaining, informational content that your audience appreciates besides direct sales ads.

3. Not Engaging with Followers

The third deadliest mistake that distorts your followers’ experience is not engaging with them, not replying to their comments and queries. On Facebook users daily see hundreds of posts, of which they like a few dozens and comment on only posts that move them emotionally. If your post is among those few, consider yourself lucky and reply to the commenters who took interest to write a few words about your post in this lazy world. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t appreciate the value of comments and the potential to turn those comments into sales. They only use Facebook as a publishing platform to tell their business story, ignoring all comments on their Facebook pages. This is a big mistake. These days customers consider Facebook as the first point of contact for businesses. Before visiting your website for customer support, they turn to Facebook to resolve their queries. But when customers don’t find a reply to their comments and queries, it disappoints them and evokes negative feeling towards your business. Imagine you don’t reply to morning wishes to anyone for a whole week; when somebody says good morning, you stay quiet. What do you think; how long will it take to stop getting these wishes? Not longer. A dissatisfied follower on Facebook is more dangerous than an angry bull. Don’t just use Facebook as a publishing platform, where all you do is publish new posts without getting engaged. Take the conversation two way to engage your followers and I am sure you will get its benefit in business. Even if you get hundreds of comments each day, replying to each comment is important. If you don’t get sparing time to reply to comments, hire somebody to do this. Remember businesses run on relationship and Facebook gives this amazing opportunity to take them online. Don’t hesitate to invest in building relationships on Facebook.


To summarize spamming your followers, only creating self-promotional posts and not engaging with followers are 3 common but deadliest mistakes by entrepreneurs which distort their followers’ experience and prevent them from getting business results on Facebook. The takeaway is to create the positive delighting experience for your followers to build long lasting relationships on Facebook. If you liked this videos, do like it, share it. Tell me about your Facebook marketing experience in comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I create videos that help to make better business decisions for online marketing. Thank you. read more
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Facebook Marketing for Dummies : 6 benefits of marketing on facebook for business

To understand the importance of Facebook Marketing for businesses, let first see what researches show about Facebook user statistics. According to Pew Research Center( 2015), 72% of the adult population use Facebook to connect with friends and family.We all like to hang out, chat and share pictures on Facebook, but that’s not all. Smart business leaders are using Facebook to develop customer relationship and fan following to create trustworthy online business brands. More than 30 million businesses now have Facebook Business Page. Facebook advertising offers classic advertising ads that you can use for the various objective like driving traffic to your website to generating business leads to inviting people to attend your events etc. If you have yet not started using Facebook for business, here is a Facebook for the dummies guide to explain why you need to.

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

1. You can increase website traffic with Facebook Marketing

Every business leader wants to inform potential buyers about his products and services online to get leads from website, but many fail simply because they lack traffic on their website. In fact, 47% marketers struggle to get leads because of low to No website traffic. But You can accomplish your plan to promote business with Facebook marketing. 63% of Facebook and Twitter users say each platform serves as a source for news about events and issues outside the realm of friends and family. (Pew Research Center, 2015) You can introduce this audience to your business happenings with Facebook Marketing. Keep posting regular relevant content to engage your audience and convert them as fan followers. You can direct this engaged audience to your website with blog articles, videos, infographics and other content posted on Facebook. To increase post reach, you can use Facebook Advertising with ‘Website Traffic’ as objective and drive right people to your website with laser targeting options.

2. Facebook Marketing improves Website SEO

Who doesn’t want to rank on the first page of google? As per an estimate, 1 million blog posts are published on the internet each day. With This level of competition, ranking on google has turned Herculean task. Google’s new algorithm favors fresh content with social proof. When your audience likes your content on Facebook, it signals google that the Content is worth reading and improves its search engine ranking. The formula is simple more post like better google ranking.


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Social Media Strategy Plan : 7 steps action plan for social media marketing

social media strategy plan

Social Media Strategy Plan:

A strategy is a plan to reach your destination from where you are today. In the case of social media, it is your plan to achieve your social media objectives. Small businesses often start social media marketing as a competitive move, meaning they are on social media because their competitors are on social media. As per Marketingprof research data, 46% of B2B marketers are not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their business. For this reason, Businesses don’t have a plan to implement on social media? They are on social media for the sake of being on social media. They check what their competitor is doing and follow them, at best Businesses see what the leaders from their industry are doing and try to imitate it. What happens next? Businesses fail in their social media efforts. Why? Because they are following plans, which is not their plan–it is their competitor. Guess what? Competitors don’t have a plan either. So all in all everyone is doing something on social media to achieve something without success. This is the case with the most business marketing on social media. As per Marketingprof research data, 46% of B2B marketers are not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their business. The solution is to develop a custom social media strategy for your own small business, where you decide targets you want to achieve, not your competitor. Here are the 7 steps of your action plan for social media marketing.
  1. Define social media mission
  2. Create objectives for each social media
  3. Social Media Research
  4. Create Buyer’s persona with your research data
  5. Create content calendar
  6. Analyze performance
  7. Implement learning to Optimize strategy

1. Define Social Media Mission:

Starting your social media strategy without a mission is like planning a travel trip to go nowhere. You pack your bags and then you move on the road, start walking in the hope that someday you will reach your destination, but that someday never comes. Surprisingly many businesses start their social media journey without reaching a goal–their mission. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve with social media? Your answer is your Social Media mission that will change with industry, niche and even for your business over time. Some examples of social media missions are:
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Build a big fan following
  • Generate business leads
  • Business Brand Awareness
  • Customer support and complaint resolution.
You will agree that if we want to achieve many things at once, we may not achieve any. 1-2 social media mission at a time is sufficient. If you attempt to achieve multiple mission, you will lose focus.

2. Create objectives for each social media:

All your social media account like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc should work in sync to achieve your mission. Different social media should work like the different department of an organization, where each department has a distinct function, but have one mission to accomplish. You should decide these social media objectives with the SMART concept, which means that all objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and time-bound. Some examples of Social Media Objectives are:
  • Facebook: Get 10,000 real page likes from target audience in next 6 months with 4 curated content post and 1 self-promotional post each week.
  • Twitter: Establish relationships with 10 influencers with regular communication, retweets etc each month.
  • LinkedIn: Build a 100 member B2B community of prospects and establish thought leadership among them in next 6 months with 1 editorial content each week.
  • Instagram: Share company events and activities images every week to increase Instagram followers count to 5000 in next 3 months.

3. social media research:

You have set your mission and objective for each social media; in other words, you have decided where do you want to go to spend your vacation. Now you would research about what route to take, what places to visit etc. Research is important to get the best deal, to get the best value for your money spent right? Absolutely. To get the best value for money and time spent on social media, you need to do research, research about:
  • A. Competitor
  • B. Target Audience
  • C. Past social media success and failure
  • D. Influencer

A. Competitor Research:

competitor research tells you what does your competitor offer to lure their followers. Analyzing competitor data, you can know when your target audience is active on social media, what topics your audience like, what they ignore.

B.Target Audience Research:

Social media users who are interested in your or competitor’s products and services are your target audience. It includes your existing customer along with all those users who can become your customers in future. Target audience research involves identifying the social media your target audience is most active, when do they visit social media and why? What types of posts do they like and share? you should always create and curate content that is relevant to your target audience.

C. Past social media success and failure:

You can get tons of valuable information to strengthen your social media strategy by analyzing your own social media accounts. Pay attention to the post that brought engagement and that don’t. Focus on topics that interested your audience, time of the day you saw most activity, your followers’ comment. All this information will help you to choose best topics, best time and best tone to create future posts.

D. Influencer Research:

An Influencer is a person who has an authority and strong social presence. Influencers are experts in their field, their followers trust them and follow their advice. They are like the celebrities of TV world, who can introduce content to a wider audience because of their social influence. Create a list of influencers for your industry and analyze their social account. Influencers have a large fan following for reasons. By analyzing their account, you come to know strategies that worked for them, their interaction which produces engagement to incorporate them into your own social media strategy. When you have the opportunity to learn from the masters, learn.

4. Create Buyer’s persona with your research data:

A buyer persona is an imaginative replica of your ideal customer. It is like a colorful picture that you can relate to your target audience. Fill the colors of this picture with the information you collected in social media research. If you have more than 1 ideal customer, create a buyer persona for each. Enrich your buyer persona with details like age, gender, education level, profession etc. Think where does he spend his time? what does he like? Why does he visit social media? Buyer persona will help you to create specific content for your target audience that resonates their liking, that they can relate with. By creating all your buyer personas, you have segmented your target audience is specific groups. Now you can plan post topics for each buyer persona to engage them on social media.

5. Create content calendar:

A content calendar should be part of any social media strategy. It keeps your efforts aligned with your objective and helps in planning what content to create and what content to share on social media. A typical social media calendar includes information like post timing and frequency for each social media, post topics to engage different buyer personas, a relative combination of self-promotional, editorial and user-generated content. Make a balance between self-promotional content and useful content to keep your audience engaged. While creating social media calendar take note of your marketing budget. Make a calendar that you can follow within your budget constraints. There is no point of making a social media calendar, you cannot follow. Hubspot has a good free calendar template to begin, you can customize it as per your needs. Whatever social media calendar you follow, please stick to it.

6. Analyze performance:

You are posting content on social media accounts, what next? Posting content relentlessly without analyzing what worked, what not is a sure way to waste your social media budget. Despite all your conscious efforts, you cannot predict what target audience would like, you have to look through the analytics data of each social media account to know what worked? Which topics exactly resonated with your audience? Social media provide many metrics like click, share, comment, retweets, impression, reach, Cost-per-click, Cost-per-lead etc to analyze your performance. The metrics you should analyze depend on your social media objectives. Social media analytics are there to improve your performance, not to get confused with. While choosing what metrics to focus, ask yourself if you can use the metric data to make a concrete change, if not leave it. Concentrate only on a few metrics for each social media that you can translate into actionable step. For example, suppose you had a budget of $100 to increase your page like on facebook and got 500 likes. The metric to focus here will be cost per page like, which in our case is $0.2/ page like. Checking these metrics against past page like campaign and against industry standard you can decide actionable future steps.

7. Implement learning

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