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Increase Facebook Page likes free: 3 simple tricks that will actually work

How to increase Facebook Page likes free? Entrepreneurs often ask this question to themselves when they are starting with Facebook Marketing. Today, we will discuss three simple yet effective methods to increase page likes on your business page. In the digital era, marketing channels have changed from newspaper and tv to Facebook and Youtube. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, […]

3 Deadliest Facebook Marketing Mistakes by Entrepreneurs that destroy businesses

Are you a modern Entrepreneur promoting business on Facebook, but Not getting results from it? Then this Blog post is for you. Today we will discuss 3 deadliest Facebook marketing mistakes by entrepreneurs which distort their followers’ experience and prevent them from getting business results on Facebook. In the past 10 years, Facebook has emerged as the medium […]

Facebook Marketing for Dummies : 6 benefits of marketing on facebook for business

To understand the importance of Facebook Marketing for businesses, let first see what researches show about Facebook user statistics. According to Pew Research Center( 2015), 72% of the adult population use Facebook to connect with friends and family.We all like to hang out, chat and share pictures on Facebook, but that’s not all.  Smart business leaders are […]

Social Media Strategy Plan : 7 steps action plan for social media marketing

Social Media Strategy Plan:A strategy is a plan to reach your destination from where you are today. In the case of social media, it is your plan to achieve your social media objectives. Small businesses often start social media marketing as a competitive move, meaning they are on social media because their competitors are on social […]

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