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Advantages of blogging: Top 10 reasons why blog should be your marketing strategy

advantages of blogging-Why-Blog-top-10-reasons-marketing-strategy
*9+You have a successful business, your customer trust you, but with increasing competition, you find it hard to keep that personal relationship with your customers that you used to enjoy when you started. In this scenario, building a personal relationship with customers is one of the advantages of blogging and a reason why a blog should be a part of your marketing strategy. People are busy these days, neither you have time. With 1.8 Billion websites in 2018, the Internet has revolutionized the world and now people prefer to spend time on the internet than sitting together to discuss things. But why are we discussing this social change on a business blog? We are discussing it here because it is a big change, which has changed the way we used to do business. When our customers are online, why don’t we connect with them online? I can hear tech-savvy business owners saying that I have a business website, I have an account on all popular social media. That’s is good. But you are still missing mega opportunity to attract your prospect and develop a relationship with them if you don’t have a business blog on your website. 65% of daily internet users read a blog. It could be YOUR blog if you make it easy for them to find it. A blog gives you that extra space to share information that you crave to share on your website; a blog is a place where you can share details about your products and services, how they solve specific problems of your target audience. Here I am listing top 10 reasons why you should have a blog on your website if you want to remain competitive in new age marketing world.

Advantages of Blogging: Top 10 reasons why blog should be a part of your marketing strategy.

1.It helps you increase your

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