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How to apply Facebook Automated rule to a specific campaign

Optimizing Facebook ad campaigns manually take time and when you have a couple of ad accounts to handle, as professional Facebook advertiser, it becomes a pain not to say unmanageable. There are many repetitive optimization strategies we use that we wish somebody will do for us.

But we don't have to hire somebody to do it for us, we can use Facebook Ad Rules and save our time & energy.

In this blog post we will discuss how you can apply Facebook automated rules to a specific campaign or select few and free yourself from repetitive manual optimization tasks.

What is Facebook Automated Rule?

Facebook defines automated rules as, "With automated rules, you can create rules in Ads Manager that automatically update or notify you of changes to your campaigns, ad sets or ads. Automated rules put more control in your hands. Rather than checking the performance of your campaigns, ad sets or ads daily, automated rules can run these checks for you and take the actions you'd normally do manually."

There are two ways you can use Facebook automated rules in your Facebook ads-

  • 1
    You can apply Facebook Automated Rules across all campaigns, ad sets and adverts.
  • 2
    You can apply Facebook Automated Rules only in a specific or select few campaigns, ad sets or adverts.

In this tutorial, we will discuss about the second option.

How to apply Facebook Automated Rules to a specific campaign

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1.Inside the ad manager account go to a campaign level where you want to apply the rule.

How to apply Facebook Automated rules for a specific campaign-1

Here we have two choices–

A. We can create a new rule specific to this campaign level (Ad set)
B. We can apply an existing rule to this campaign level (Ad set)

We will see how to leverage both the options one after another.

A. Create a new rule

On clicking create a new rule button, the default rule creation pop-up window opens where we can define our rule condition.

How to apply Facebook Automated Rule to a specific campaign-2

It is important to note that Facebook automatically selects our campaign level ( in this case 1 ad set) to apply the rule. Interestingly we also get the option to apply the new rule in subordinate campaign level ( in this case 1 active advert).

How to apply Facebook Automated Rule to a specific campaign-3

B. Apply an Existing Rule

Click on Apply an Existing Rule option to use an automated rule you have created previously for some other campaign.

How to apply Facebook Automated Rule to a specific campaign-4

On clicking this Apply an Existing rule option, a new pop-up window opens with all the existing rule list that you can apply to your selected campaign level. Just tick the checkbox before an automated rule that you want to apply to your selection.

How to apply Facebook Automated Rule to a specific campaign-5



Just Remember you can only apply one existing rule at a time to your selection at a time.

Check this detailed article on How to Use Facebook Automated Rules to Manage Facebook Ad Costs to learn 5 useful automated rules that can save you tons of money as Facebook Advertiser.

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