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5 Reasons: Why most people fail to make money with affiliate marketing


1. Nothing is as simple as it seems

You may come across many YouTube videos or blog posts where people claim to make 6 figure, even 7 figures a month with affiliate marketing starting from ground zero.

The good thing is many of these claims are true but these are not instant success, all these so called gurus are into the affiliate marketing business for years, tried and burnt their hands with various affiliate marketing strategies and got success after constantly improving their skills as an affiliate marketer.

As a newbie, you may be mistaken to believe that you can become overnight millionaire with affiliate marketing and live a life of freedom based on passive income but you have to understand that no real world success comes before putting the required efforts in the first place and affiliate marketing is no different. 

You have to master many skills as an affiliate marketer such as copy writing skills, Facebook ads, Google ads, Solo ads, Email marketing etc before you can live that freedom lifestyle. 

But don't be disheartened , you will definitely make some decent money on the journey to become a super affiliate when you put time and resources to master the art.

The process and strategies for affiliate marketing will look simple and easy to apply that's the reason anyone can make money with affiliate marketing but despite looking simple, they may be hard to implement consistently over a long period of time. 

Consistency is the key with Affiliate marketing. If you learn a simple strategy like sharing a post of Facebook but don't apply it regularly for long time, you won't see results from your affiliate marketing campaigns.

We have to apply the strategies we learn from different online sources again and again to be good at it. We learn the nitty-gritty of any strategy when we implement it, learn from our mistakes and find out the reason for failure and improvise it. 

2. Unrealistic Expectation

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Affiliate marketing works at its own pace, our income potential depends on how much efforts and resources we put into the system. Despite doing right things from the beginning, we may have to wait to see the results from our affiliate marketing efforts.

This is where most people quit Affiliate Marketing. People step into affiliate marketing with a bang, they spend some good money setting up their website, sales funnel, autoresponders and buy traffic from Solo Ads or Facebook adsm when it hit them. They don't recover their initial investment in the first day.

They curse their luck and sanity for spending money into the system and quit affiliate marketing thinking that it is not their cup of tea.

What they had to do instead was to continue their efforts and build a larger audience, nurture it for sales and see rising balance in their Bank Account.

That is how typical a Affiliate marketing sales funnel or any other online money making system works.

"Delayed Gratification" is the term that we need to follow if we want to see success as an affiliate marketer. Delayed gratification for affiliate marketing simply means that we accept to see results from our marketing efforts down the line over a long period of time, immediate setbacks won't stop us from achieving our bigger dreams. 

We may not see results today, tomorrow, next month or may be in next three month, but if we continue to putting efforts to promote our affiliate product with a consistent strategy,   we will see results from your affiliate marketing any where from 6 months to 1 year from our start

A clear vision and defined realistic goals will take us long way towards our dream of financial freedom.

3. Spending money in ads without proper research & training.

Here is thing that you need to remember about Advertising--If you don't know what you are doing, spending money on advertising may quickly turn into flush the money into a gutter.

As a newbie, people start with advertising after watching 5 minutes Youtube video on any advertising platform--like Facebook ads, Google Ads etc. The things may look pretty simple in the video because the man/woman prescribing the recipe for advertising is a seasoned professional or expert. They do advertising all day and night and know from experience what works and what doesn't.

But the case is different for us, as a newbie either we should join a good training program which covers all aspect of advertising for affiliate marketing or we should have a separate portion of budget for advertising which we spends towards testing and don't mind losing money on it for the sake of learning.

I personally suggest the first option. There are a few good affiliate marketing training programs that you join and learn from the mistakes of others apart from learning their success strategies and that's what we call smart investment. Right?

There will be a learning curve for any advertising network we want to try--be it Facebook, google, taboola, propellar ads or solo ads etc, and each network works well for some niche while fail for others.

Thus the best strategy to start with any advertising networks is to start small and see what is working and only when we become confident with our advertising skills should we increase our investment and scale a campaign. 

4. Not putting enough efforts to promoting an affiliate offer

We can definitely start with a simple Facebook post or tweet featuring an affiliate offer, or sending to our existing list a pre-written email autoresponder that affiliate network provide us but the story should not end there.

The internet marketing world has changed, it doesn't work as it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. Competition has increase so does public awareness about what they want and what they can buy from money in their pocket.

Thus wee need to create an ecosystem of helpful content that solves a real problems and target a specific audience that faces these problems before directly asking them to buy our suggested solution. Our helpful content could be--how-to-do videos or honest product comparison or may be an extra bonus or a free training course. 

The Truth is Affiliate Marketing has become a crowded place, thousands of people have entered into this space after reading success stories of millionaire Affiliate Marketers.

If we will also promote an affiliate offer the same way, hundreds others are promoting how may we stand out from the crowd?

Thus it is important that we turn ourselves from content consumer to content producer and create something that improves people's life, help them solve a problem, make them take an informed decision.

But people assume Affiliate marketing as a black magic trick that will work without you putting in the efforts. Let's get away with this notion and let me be very clear--If we are not willing to help others solve their problems that our affiliate offers solve, we are hardly going to make a sustainable living out of it. 

The truth is we want to remain content consumers, don't want to give before asking, and don't implement what we learn. We daily read many tips and tricks to improve our affiliate marketing efforts but honestly speaking how much information do we use? 

That's the real problem--The habit of staying in comfort zone. For affiliate marketing success, we have to get out of our comfort zone and create valuable content for the offer we promote as an affiliate and only then we can expect success with Affiliate marketing.

Here is a 5 step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint that you can follow to make money from affiliate marketing. It involves serious work but the good thing is anyone can implement it. The affiliate marketing blueprint only requires your time and investment in paid ads that you can recover profitably over time.


5. Not Focusing on One Marketing Strategy.

As affiliate marketing is a crowded space, there is a lot of happening going on here. People try new things, fail, get success and teach others how did they do it.

There are different marketing strategy that you can implement for success one at a time. Read that carefully "one at a time" and that too after giving your 100% to it.

Lets understand it with an example:Consider a scenario where we decide to learn Facebook to ads to promote affiliate offer and midway switch to learn Google ads or Bing ad. we reduce our chances of getting success this way because each marketing strategy has its own learning curve and when we go back and forth and put half-hearted efforts in any strategy. We Fail.

Yes, we might even experience difficulty in recovering our original investment for promoting affiliate offer, get disappointed and leave affiliate marketing space which we don't want.

What we should do instead is focus on any one strategy and switch to another only after we master it. Once we start getting good results from your existing strategy, we can definitely switch to another strategy and learn its ins and outs.

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