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Google Ads for new products- Does it really work?

Yes and No. It Depends

Whether to use Google ads for new products depends on if people are searching on Google for problems that your product solves.

People views your ads on Google when they are searching for something. Hence, Google ads are effective only when someone is searching for a product or problems that the product solves.

Let’s understand this with an example:

If people are looking for ‘plumbers near me’ and if you are offering plumbing service as a new plumber, yes Google ads will work for you.

But if you have a product that solves a problem for which there is no Google searches, Google ads will not work for you.

Now to get reliable data on how many people are searching for a keyword (your new product), you can go to Google keywords planner and enter the basic product related keywords or competitor brand keywords.

Analyse the search stats Google keyword planner provides you and decide if there are enough searches for your product/service to make it a viable option for Google ads or not.

If you need expert advice for your specific product and business, you can also contact a Google Ads Consultant

A Google ads Consultant will not only help you to determine if Google ads are the right fit for you, but he will suggest ways to improve results you get with Google ads.

Remember with Google ads, you are going to pay for every website visitor, thus it becomes important you get visitors at low costs and most importantly, you get visitors who become your customers.

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Abhishek Suneri

Abhishek Suneri is the Facebook Ads & Google Ads Consultant. He helps businesses acquire new customers with Facebook ads, Google Ads, Lead Generation, Ecommerce Marketing & Content Strategy. Connect with him for a Free Facebook Ads/Google Ads Audit for your Business.