My Books

Facebook Marketing Series

I am coming up with a series of 3 books on Facebook Marketing, where you can get along with me on a journey from developing Facebook fan following to getting your followers interested in your product and services and finally converting them into business leads.

I am writing these books considering Entrepreneurs, Facebook Marketers, Agency owners, Writers, bloggers and digital marketing students as my readers.

Increase 10,000 Facebook Page Likes in 30 Days

Increase 10,000 Facebook Page Likes in 30 Days

It is a no frill to the point action book, which despite being a quick read has potential to build massive fan following when implemented

Many tips discussed in the book works whether you have ten thousands, hundred thousands or million Facebook page likes.

Followers: Nurture Your Audience

In the second book of Facebook Marketing series, I will introduce the concept of content funnel and how it applies to Facebook Marketing. The book will disclose strategies to capture attention of followers for your business offerings, nurturing them to move them forward in the content funnel.

I will discuss nurturing strategies taking example of 6 businesses from different industries to make the book practical, while still relevant to masses.

Facebook advertising: Strategies that work

The last book in the series discusses about converting followers into leads. It will briefly discusses Facebook advertising basic and optimization principles that I have learned with practical experience.

In later sections, I will discuss advanced Facebook advertising strategies based on remarketing and content marketing concepts. Rather than step by step Facebook advertising guide, the book will discuss strategic aspect of Facebook advertising.