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How your blog can help you make extra money

Personal Branding

Share your knowledge and build personal brand to leverage better business & job opportunities.

Display Advertising

Write on topic of your expertise & signup for Google Adsense like for showing ads on blog to make money.

Affiliate Marketing

Write product reviews & earn commision on sale by signing up with amazon, clickbank, shareasale like affiliate networks


Share your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in the field & offer consulting services, all from the comfort of home.

Information Product

Create video courses, Ebook like information products and generate recurring passive income with product launches with blogging.

Influencer Marketing

Build your audience and email list & establish yourself as influencer in your industry. Earn handsome income from influencer marketing via sponsorships

Skip the headache, time wastage and cost of setting blog yourself!

Abhishek Suneri

 Hi, I am Abhishek Suneri, the Digital Marketing & Strategy Consultant.

What’s the big deal?

The number one reason that stops beginners from getting started with blogging is this--

They fail to set up their own professional blog.

Many people aspire to start blogging to make money online after hearing success stories of professional bloggers.

They signup with either blogger or wordpress.com like free blogging platform but soon realise that these free platform becomes insufficient when you want to get additional functionality to make money online.

The next few months is a story of struggle, disappointment and remorse when you try to learn to setup your own self-hosted professional blog yourself reading online blogs or youtube channels.

The result?

Majority of new bloggers quit their dream and stop blogging considering blogging is not their cup of tea.

Don't let technology roadblock kill your dream.

Take our professional blog setup service & start professional blogging in 3 days.

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Professional bloggers start one after another successful blog because they have figured out the game, which in most cases depends on professional blog setup and essential tools & plugins to grow their audience.

Of course, you can learn everything with months of research, trial & error and time investment, but this struggle in most cases take away the enthusiasm & desire to make money blogging. The spark of following your passion fades away with time struggling for the technicalities of FTP, Cpanel, Mysql etc.

Let us help you setup up your dream blog and start professional blogging fast & hassle-free.

What You’ll Get With Our Blog Setup Service

  • We help in choosing and registering your domain name. (eg. yourblog.com, yourname.com etc.)
  • We help in choosing and registering your web hosting.(Web hosting on online space to store your website.)
  • We design your own branded self-hosted WordPress blog from selected pre-designed  professional theme from our blog design library (18+ professional blog designs.)
  • check
    You get freedom to install any plugin from wordpress plugin library and improve your blog functionality.
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    You get 1 Week Free Consulting Support to get started with Blogging.

That's Not All, We Have Surprises for You


8 Must have wordpress plugin installed & configured










  • Free sample About Us, Contact Us & privacy policy page which you can customize later. These pages are recommended in easy Adsense & other ad network approval for monetizing blog.
  • Free sample blog post to give proper structure to your blog and give you an idea of article formatting. You can delete or modify them later. 
  • Free blog categories & menu setup as per your desired menu items.  

All in all, you will get a blog which is--

SEO Optimized

On-page SEO optimization ready blog will help you can rank higher on search engines.

Mobile Friendly

All our blog designs look equally professional on both mobile & Desktop

Advertising Ready

Write quality user oriented content on your blog & get approval with advertising networks with professional blog designs

Email Optin Ready

The lightbox will help ou quickly build your email list & get started with Email marketing.

What are you waiting for, start your blogging journey today

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This Offer Expires In


How Does it Work


You make the payment


We send you requirement email to choose blog designs & other required details like your logo, your site title, blog categories etc.


We send you Login details of your blog via email within 3 days of receiving answer on requirement email.

Choose your blog design from our Wordpress blog library of 18+ pre-designed themes

3 Reasons To choose us for your blog Set Up


Start blogging the right way with our years of experience building sites and making money online.


Avoid the huge mistakes that almost all new bloggers make.


Start your blogging journey with the right technical partner. We are here to help you solve any technical wordpress issue as additional service.

[paypal_for_digital_goods name=”BLog Setup Service” price=”99″ url=”https://abhisheksuneri.com/blog-setup-questionnaire”]

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the blog cost me every year?

Does this cover Blog maintenance?

What access do I get for my blog?


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you're not 100% thrilled with our service and support, simply send us a mail to cancel your service within 7 days and request a refund.

P.S.: Even at this price point with all this assurance, some people will hesitate to invest money for blogging. I know it is human nature, we want to stay in our comfort zone and avoid risk. But let me remind you that you cannot succeed if you don't try anything, it takes backbone to live the life you want. Irrespective of  decision you made, my best wishes are with you for your blogging success.

 Here is the last chance to get your own blog to start making online money the right way--

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