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SEO for Facebook business page: How to rank High on Facebook search

Actionable tips for improving Facebook Page for SEO

Are you creating consistent posts but are not getting right ROI from Facebook Page? Are you sure, you have optimized your facebook page for SEO?

In the blog post, we will learn how to do SEO for Facebook business page and rank high in the Facebook search results; that’s what we call FB SEO.

Facebook is an amazing marketing platform to build an online brand and attract new customers but with increase competitions standing out as a Facebook page is important to get noticed.

Here are 8 actionable SEO tips to optimize your Facebook business page for getting noticed.

SEO for Facebook business page: How to rank High on Facebook search

Choose a specific name for your business-SEO for Facebook business page

1. Choose a specific name for your business

Often times, when a user searches for a business on Facebook, he gets several identical pages which confuse potential customers. If you have a city specific business, you can make your customers life easy by adding your city name in your Facebook Page Name.

You can also claim a custom Page URL with your Brand name in URL to make communication Easy.

55 Tata Motors Facebook Search

Choose Profile Pic that represents your Business-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

2. Choose Profile Pic that represents your Business:

Your profile picture should be identifiable; in most cases, business logo suits best as a profile picture.

A common mistake, I see, with profile picture is using an image that doesn’t perfectly fit into profile picture size; It not only makes identifying your business difficult (because your logo is cropped) but also shows careless page management.

Cropped profile Picture on Facebook Page-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

Select the right business category for your business-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

3. Select the right business category for your business:

You can create a page on Facebook in one of the 6 categories including:
1. Local business or places,
2. Company, Organization or Institution,
3. Brand or Product,
4. Artist, Band or Public Figure,
5. Entertainment,
6. Cause or Community.

Choose right category for your business page--Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

The choice of the right category will vary from industry to industry, but in most cases, you will want to list your business in one of the first three categories. I.e. Local Business, Company, Organization or Institution, and Brand or Product.

If you have a multi-location business and want to create the page for business as a whole, you should categorize it in Company, Organization or Institution category.

On the other hand, if you operate only in limited geography or have a franchisee of a multi location business, you should choose a Local business page; this distinction will help to identify customers looking for local solutions.

Let’s understand this with example of two business: A National Car Manufacturer and its Dealers

car-1300629_1280 (1)

If the car manufacturer wants to make a page to represent its entire business covering every car model, he should create the page under Company, Organization or Institution Category. On the other hand, the dealers of this car manufacturer should create their Facebook pages as local Business or Places because they are operating in geographically restricted areas.

There will be dealers from many cities or states, resulting in dozens of Facebook pages Which will make situation aggravating for customers who are searching for local solutions. that’s why I suggest to include the city name in business page name for local businesses.

Now let’s see the situation from a different perspective–As the car manufacturer will produce limited numbers of models, he may decide to also create a facebook page for each of his car models. In this situation, he should create these pages in Brand or Product Category.

Car Models Brand Pages

The decision of creating a Facebook page for each Brand or product will depend on business nature. if your product basket has only a few products like automobile, soft drink, you can create a Facebook page for each, but in case of multi product industry like FMCG creating a Facebook page for each brand will not be feasible. You may, however, decide to create few pages for most profitable brands.

Instead of a business brand, if you want personal branding, you can go for Artist, Band or Public Figure category. Celebrities, Politicians, and Artists should go for this category to create Facebook pages.

Use cover videos smartly to give an overview of your business-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

4. Use cover videos smartly to give an overview of your business:

Besides a cover image, now you can use a 90-second video as cover video to tell your business story effectively. Displaying complete product basket, highlight a single product, showcasing customer testimonials or director message to build customer trust are some ideas to use cover video that you can use for branding.

For Example, Check the Cover Video of Konsole Group, how they have incorporated all their services in one video to give an overview of their business in one video.


Enlist your products/ product categories on Shop Tab-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

5.Enlist your products/ product categories on Shop Tab:

You can showcase your product basket in the shop Tab of Facebook Page. Depending on the number of products you market, you can choose to showcase individual products or product categories.

You can use Facebook shop not only as product catalog to showcase products, but can use it directly as an e-commerce solution to sell products.

The Screenshot below shows the Shop tab of The Souled Store Facebook Page, where they are selling custom printed fashion goods and accessories.

The Souled Store Shop

Facebook also gives you the option to organize products in product ‘Collections’ for search convenience so customers can search product on your page as product groups.

For example, below is the screenshot of Shop tab from my Facebook Page Apnatarika; one can purchase my recommended books clicking on the product links. For followers convenience, I have organized books in two collections: Motivational books and Business Books.

ApnaTarika Shop


Enlist your Business services on service Tab-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO6. Enlist your Business services on service Tab:

SImilar to shop Tab for products, Facebook offers service tab to enlist your business services. You can give details of Service name, its brief description along with price and service duration.

If you don’t find this option by default, go to Page Settings> Edit Page> Edit Template> Choose Service Template.

 Use about tab to give Business Brief-Actionable tips for improving Facebook page for SEO

7. Use about tab to give Business Brief:

Don’t forget to fill important details like website address, phone number, email and physical address in About Tab.

When you enter the physical address, it also appears as places in the Facebook search results and you get one more chance to get the attention of customers. Facebook users can also check into your physical address when they are in location.

You can add other social media accounts for business in other account section or Impressum section. Which I always recommend to my clients because customers preferences for social media activities vary for different social media; if a customer is more active on twitter or LinkedIn rather than Facebook, you can direct them to respective social media by including social media details in Other Account/Impressum section.

The about section only takes a brief description, but it very important because the same information appears in the Facebook search results when somebody searches for your business on Facebook.

Below is the screenshot of Facebook search results when I searched for term ‘Facebook’ for pages. You can understand how crucial is about section to get customer attention.

Facebook Search

For an overview of your company, you can use ‘Company Overview’ Section or ‘Story’ Section, where you can write details at length to tell about business activities that your customers will be interested in.

Facebook Business About

Don’t forget to mention any award or recognition you have received as a business.

Although these pieces of information are obvious and commonplace, yet have potential to be the game changer for attracting new customers. Because a potential customer on Facebook will look for these clues for trust and authenticity of your business. At the end, small things make big changes.

Ask satisfied customers to review your business on Facebook-SEO for Facebook business page

8. Ask satisfied customers to review your business on Facebook:

They say mouth publicity is the most effective form of advertisement and if you can get it from your customers on Facebook, I am sure, you can translate it into business success.

Ask your loyal customers to review your business on Facebook under Review tab. A few customer testimonial can bring dramatic changes in your Facebook page performance.

But as you know when it comes to writing, people delay things.

What you can do to overcome this problem is to offer a written testimonial to customers that match their experience; ask them to post it on your Facebook page as the review.

This way you get product/service specific testimonial and your customers don’t have to go the extra mile to write a good testimonial for you.


Facebook Marketing is both a science and an art. The Art part lies in creating and presenting content that influences buyer’s decision, while the science part deals with technical stuff like optimizing a Facebook business page for SEO. The 8 small changes that we discussed in this blog post can make the big difference of failure to success for your business on Facebook.

Remember even the best marketing & SEO tip is a waste until it is implemented.

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